by Nov 29, 2021

A consortium led by Marscom Media (independent of Marscom Television) is to guarantee an initial one million dollars of Pledges to insure purchases of merchandise by the Gen3M community. It is to cover pledges by young people regarding purchases of merchandise, in the event that any pledges are unable to be fulfilled under the program ROCS, being Recovery Over Covid – Support.

It is one of the most ambitious economic stimulus platforms conceived, unleashed by members of the youngest generation, Gen3M, to help revitalise and stimulate economies globally. “It’s addressing the massive debt incurred by us, currently being addressed by administrators of respective governments. We have a right to be heard.”

Universal Children’s Day is a focal point for Gen3M, declaring the rights of the child with “The Children’s Manifesto” and it is scheduled to be heard again at the global Summit Meeting of their generation, as it continues its journey around the world.