Marscom Television, a Christian non-profit organisation, founded by Br. Oswin McKinney, fms, was established in 1989 to assist in the promulgation of messages to help humankind.

Marscom will help you to create, edit and/or produce your desired multimedia story, to enable you to present it to the world.

Our Focus

The enormity of loss of lives of children remains a prime focus for Marscom. Children speaking out, respectfully but defiantly regarding their human rights, continue to be a force to change the face of this new Millennium.

Students of Marist Pearce, Canberra carried the legacy from International Children’s Day (Australia) on 26 October to Universal Children’s Day (globally) on 20 November, passing the legacy from Decade 2 to Decade 3 of the 3rd Millennium, with students of the Philippines receiving it, carrying it into the future.

Students of the Mediterranea – representatives from Italy, Lebanon and Spain, carry the message of “Your Voice Matters” the very essence of support for children unable to speak out for themselves.

Your Voice Matters:  The Children’s Manifesto

Young people all across the world are rallying behind one of the most daring efforts to raise awareness about the situation of underprivileged children worldwide. Hundreds of Champagnat College students in Australia forged a trail into the Third Millennium, carrying the legacy. See 1 miracle.

They declared “The Children’s Manifesto”, carrying the legacy of children’s rights across millennia. Then thousands more students, first those from La Salle College in the Philippines, gave their support, recording it in English and Filipino as the legacy passed on to Peru and Brazil for recording in Spanish and Portuguese, then on and on ….. French, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Italian, Persian (Farsi), Russian, Ukrainian, Urdu and Sign language (Dactylology).

The multiple-language recordings, in addition to being recorded in the place of origin of the respective language, showcase Australia’s multicultural community and the voices of Australia’s young.

“The Children’s Manifesto,” with the addition of Indigenous young voices, will resonate from Uluru and Sydney Cove, then across the world, ensuring a positive influence on the destiny of this new Millennium.

It has already been translated and recorded in 14 languages, with more on the way.


Kids 4 Kids would like to acknowledge a debt of gratitude to the many people who have helped to bring together this productionThe 3rd. Millennium“; those who have sacrificed so much to try to ensure a brighter future for children in need.

  • Ms. Deirdre Wallace, Project Director – International
  • The late Mr. John M. Corrigan, Director
  • The late Br. Oswin McKinney, Founder, Marscom Television Productions
  • Mr. Nick Palmer, Director of Music
  • Ms. Mahnaz Armat, Director of Linguistics
  • Ms. Janice Breen and the children of the Janice Breen Agency
  • Mr. Robert Belleli & Mrs. Natalie Belleli and the children of Stars Talent Schools
  • Ms. Kristy Best and the children of Upstage Performing Arts
  • Ms. Julie Severino-Filippi and the children of CC Dance Academy
  • Mr. John Hitch, Mr. Rick Harding & Ms. Keanne Stephenson -emergency aid.
  • The staff and children of the following schools of Australia:
        • Santa Maria del Monte, Strathfield
        • Our Lady of the Rosary, Kellyville
        • St.Clare’s, Waverley
        • St.Brendan’s, Annandale
        • Benedict Community School, Hurlstone Park
        • Malabar Primary School
        • Richard Johnson Anglican School
        • Champagnat College, Pagewood
        • Marist College Pearce, Canberra
  • The staff and children of St. Francis Xavier, Tseun Wan, Hong Kong
  • The staff and children of Our Lady of Lourdes, Greater Manchester, England
  • The children of the village of Nadi, Fiji
  • The staff & students of La Salle Green Hills, Manila, Philippines
  • The people of St. John Mary Vianney Parish, Antipolo, Philippines
  • The children of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish, Quezon City, Philippines
  • The New Zealand people of Pepunawaiora
  • Padre Bruno Trombetta, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • The late Father Terry MacDonald, Catholic chaplain, Australia
  • Father Peter Henry, Catholic chaplain, Australia
  • Rev. Jim Thompson, Church of England chaplain, Australia
  • Capt. Denis Day, Salvation Army chaplain, Australia
  • Ms. Joji Geli & Ms. Emmarie Geli, Philippines
  • Mr. John F. McMullen, Marist College, USA
  • Mr. James Humberstone, Australia
  • The late Mr. Fernando Floyd, Florida, USA, the adopted father of many in need and in whose honour this project is dedicated.
  • Marist Atlanta, USA

And to those other people who gave so much of themselves and who simply refused to acknowledge the word “impossible”

From the children of Kids 4 Kids and myself, may God bless you all.

Kym Derriman
Project Co-ordinator
Kids 4 Kids, Inc.